Nityananda Trayodasi 2021

Hare krishna??
Dear Devotees
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!
Please accept my humble obeisances
We would like to invite all of you for our upcoming online event, *Nityananda Trayodasi* i.e, the appearance day of Lord Sri Nityananda Prabhu on *25th Feb 2021(Thursday)*.The event will be live in *Facebook*.
Program Details:
16.00-17.00 : Lecture on the pastimes of Lord Sri Nityananda Prabhu
17.00-17.30: Their Lordships Abhishek in temple.
17.30-18.30 : kirtan
18.30-19.00 : Gaura Aarti
Please do attend online and take merciful blessings from *lord Shri Nityananda Prabhu*.
Looking forward to serving you all.
Your Servant

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